CleanTech Exchange operates a range of programs that serve our members, with the goal of helping develop and promote the Canadian cleantech sector.

CleanTech Exchange - Local Solutions, Global Markets


Our flagship program is designed to help connect Canadian cleantech solution providers with local and global markets. The Market Access Program (MAP) is is centered around identifying trends and market opportunities early, and building bridges with businesses, trade associations, municipalities, and cleantech buyers from around the world.

We work with our global network of Market Access Champions (MAC’s) who help open doors and find new opportunities to bring solutions to larger markets than might otherwise be available.

As a member of the Global Cleantech Cluster Association, we are tied to over 50 clusters of cleantech business networks. As well, we are working to continually establish more high-level connections at large companies that need innovative solutions.

How it works:

Solution provides need customers for their solutions. In the globally connected market place, customers can be local, regional, national and global. 

Frequently, solution providers need help to identify the markets and the customers within them. CTEx has a focus to address this need, in conjunction with other agencies and groups.

CTEx creates and maintains a collection of expertise with good knowledge and connections to growth markets. We will utilize this pool of market expertise to assist solution provider members in gaining knowledge and access to potential customers.

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Solution providers need to build up their team during various stages of growth, and often they need specific resources from the community of interest. Access to skilled specialists and new graduates is an important element of this Program.

CTEx has a focus in engaging these valued resources to channel their passion and interest. The next steps are to connect the talents with the career opportunities. We generate and maintain an database of talent, expertise, and HR resources.

This Program will benefit both job seekers and team building needs of growing enterprises.

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CleanTech Exchange - Local Solutions, Global Markets
CleanTech Exchange - Local Solutions, Global Markets


The path to facilitate agile growth of emerging enterprises often involve teaming up with partnering organizations. This approach complements the organic approach to growth. The two are synergistic and they can accelerate company business goals and objectives.

Working in collaboration with other groups in the community of interest, CTEx will drive a partnering and pathfinding list of activities to cultivate this matching program.

Our online platform, events, forums, seminars and panel discussions are all elements of this program. We welcome expressions of interest from those wanting to partner with cleantech companies or any of the the other sector stakeholders.

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From new initiatives and policies put forward by the various levels of government and agencies, to mission-critical business programs through other groups or companies. CleanTech Exchange can help deliver quality cleantech sector-oriented programs.

Both our core team and our network of graduate students are available to be part of this pool for the efficient delivery of services and activities via the stakeholder groups and their program.

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CleanTech Exchange - Local Solutions, Global Markets
CleanTech Exchange - Local Solutions, Global Markets


As an active and core member of the Global Cleantech Cluster Association, CTEx nominates outstanding members companies for this annual award.

CTEx has been successful in nominating award winners in the past few years (see GCCA website for details www.globalcleantech.org) and we can help prepare our members for consideration.

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