Welcome to CleanTech Exchange!

We are delighted to welcome you to the CleanTech Exchange (CTEx) website. CTEx is the current phase along the evolutionary path (more details in the ABOUT Page) that started in March 2009 with the launch of the Vancouver GreenTech Exchange Program.

CleanTech Exchange, with a clear direction and an expanded mandate, aims to serve the cleantech sector community of interest in the western region of Canada. There is a strong focus on the business development process of facilitating the application and deployment of innovative solutions, from development stages, through funding stages and finding markets and customers locally and globally.

CTEx uses two main approaches to accomplish the above objectives: Partnering and Programs. It establishes connections and maintains collaborations with the key stakeholders in the cleantech sectors as shown in the diagram within the ABOUT Page. The ongoing CTEx activities and programs augment and complement with those offered in the stakeholder groups.

The CTEx Programs identify important challenges and needs in the sector and organize efforts and resources to address them. Our purpose is to accelerate the growth and expand the scope of the Cleantech sector in this region. The initial Programs are established to address: Market; People and Financing. Please see more details in the PROGRAMS page.

We welcome various entities in the cleantech sector to contact us on the different aspects of CTEx including partnering, membership, events, programs, resources and sponsorship. If you are interested in what we do and wish to participate, we like to hear from you as well. Please visit the CONTACT page and start communicating. We look forward to meeting you at our events or online or both!

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